the meataverse

Official whitepaper for the steak4all meataverse gamepark, March 2023

the meataverse

The meataverse is new franchise of multi-chain gaming experiences powered by the latest in blockchain and AI technologies.

As of 2023, there are three major components of the meataverse.

2021 steak4all validator agency on the MultiversX chain, offering EGLD staking services to the public, and rewarding them with bonus STEAKS tokens.

2022 steak4all MEATAVERSE on the TheSandbox blockchain, offering six distinct free to play games at launch, along with social gathering spots that also function as a matchmaking service for players of our games.

2023 Web3 expansion, in development, a low-friction play-to-earn game, where the players own the assets and are rewarded for time playing with daily NFT rewards, utilizing AI technologies.

How this document is organized

On the next page, is a litepaper description of the entire project, giving a one-page overview.

Next, we have three sections, going into further details on the three branches of the MEATAVERSE:

The steak4all MultiversX validator agency, and the STEAKS token powering it.

The MEATAVERSE Free-To-Play gamepark, on The Sandbox metaverse-enabled blockchain.

The next expansion in development: the MEATAVERSE Web3 Play-To-Earn cooking game, codenamed Meat3.

Please note, this is a live document, in continuous development.

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